The FAULHABER GROUP is made up of fifteen companies and organized into four business divisions, all focused on creating the best possible mechatronic solution to meet our customers’ requirements.



The FAULHABER GROUP is made up of fifteen companies and organized into four business divisions. Each company in each division is consummately skilled in its specific area, representing essential competencies in the group that help us to create the best possible mechatronic solution to meet our customers’ requirements:

  • FAULHABER Drive Systems develops and produces the widest portfolio of high-precision small and micro drive technologies in the world.
  • MPS – our micro-precision systems division designs and produces mechanical solutions for precisely guided motion in challenging fields of application.
  • MICROMO, our North American Operations Center and full service partner looking beyond products to offer optimal solutions for custom mechanical and electrical requirements.
  • Our Precision Components unit specializes in high-precision component machining. It is our center of competence for pinions and components for precision gears.

Outstanding by themselves, together these units are more than just the sum of their parts. Our management team includes the heads of each of our business units to ensure decision making and close collaboration.

Management Team

Gert Frech-Walter
Director Drive Systems & Precision Components

Dr. Thomas Bertolini
Director Drive Systems & Precision Components

Nicola Thibaudeau
Director Micro Precision Systems

Dodd Disler
Director North American Operations Center


Our Mission …

… is to precisely meet the mechatronic needs of our customers and future markets within the framework of a deeply responsible, engaged and family led group of healthy companies. We fulfill this Mission by proactively and attentively listening to our business partners and delivering precise solutions to their miniature motion device requirements.

Our Vision …

… is focused on the growing demands of global markets for miniaturized, powerful, efficient, reliable and precise devices for exacting mechanical movements. We embrace this special challenge by designing and supplying products worldwide for markets that improve people’s lives and well being.

… is  built on:

  • Diversity of technologies, people, companies  and capabilities.
  • Solution oriented, customer centric approaches to complex challenges.
  • A burning passion to offer advanced products at the boundary of the possible without leaving practicality behind.  

… means increasing beneficial growth by giving customers exactly what they need and expect – not more, not less. Precision in meeting expectations delivers the best total value.  FAULHABER delivers that, every time!

… is to stay a family led group of companies that makes the most of the inherent organizational benefits:

  • stability – short decision paths
  • long term focus
  • a caring “family” orientation
  • deep personal responsibility for our actions.  

We are proud that our Faulhaber Group of companies can pass the generations without sacrificing quality for expediency. We proudly say “WE ARE FAULHABER”!



The FAULHABER GROUP addresses the demanding requirements of a wide variety of markets. We develop solutions to meet the growing demands of global markets for powerful, efficient, reliable and precise miniaturized devices that require sophisticated mechanical and electromechanical motion in seven core markets.

MEDICAL, DENTAL & LABORATORY We take our responsibility as a reliable and experienced partner in these often life-critical areas of application very seriously. Uncompromising product quality and a deep understanding of the industry are the basis of stable and successful partnerships with our

INDUSTRY, AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS High product reliability, repeatability, long operational lifetimes, intelligent systems and ever- increasing efficiency and output are key factors driving today’s fast- paced automation and robotics market. We are at the forefront of performance in cutting- edge applications.

OPTICS & PHOTONICS We create solutions that deliver smooth high- precision positioning in a compact size suited for handheld devices paired with highly efficient battery operation.

AEROSPACE AND AVIATION Robust design for challenging ambient application conditions, long storage life, low weight and a high level of feature integration – this characterizes our solutions for these challenging areas of application.

METROLOGY & TESTING SYSTEMS We provide precise positioning and sensing based on ironless winding designs and high- resolution encoders for maximum reliability, repeatability, in the most compact and light design.

TOOLS & DEVICES Our product range combines extremely robust design, highest power density and efficiency in the most compact size, while remaining lightweight and easy to integrate into handheld devices.

RESEARCH & LEARNING We combine innovative technologies with a high degree of service, experience and knowledge to provide a platform for a deeper understanding of tomorrow’s cutting-edge products and markets.

WATCH We provide the bearing systems and subassemblies for high precision timepieces in Switzerland and around the world. Innovative designs and uncompromising quality are the keys to our market leading success.



Drive Systems

Daimlerstraße 23/25
71101 Schönaich
Tel.: +49 7031 6380

FAULHABER Minimotor sa
Via Cantonale
6980 Croglio
Tel. +41 91 611 31 00

Miniature Stepper Motors
Rue des Gentianes 53
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tel. +41 32 910 60 50

FAULHABER Motors Hungaria Kft.
Dózsa György út 29
H-2730 Albertirsa
Tel. +36 53 571 070

FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L.
Str. Spre Est Nr. 14/A
305400 Jimbolia
Tel. +40 256 362 571

2, rue Michaël Faraday,
Parc d‘Activités du Pas du Lac
78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux
Tel. +33 1 30 80 45 00

FAULHABER Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Blk 67 Ubi Road 1
#06-07 Oxley Bizhub
408730 Singapore
Tel. +65 6562 8248

FAULHABER Drive System
Technology (Taicang) Co. Ltd.
Eastern Block, Incubator Building,
No. 6 Beijing Road West, Taicang
215400, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel. +86 512 5337 2626

High Tech Campus 9
5656 AE Eindhoven
Tel. +31 40 85155-40

Micro Precision Systems

MPS Micro Precision Systems AG
Chemin du Long-Champ 95
2504 Biel-Bienne
Tel. +41 32 344 43 00

MPS Décolletage SA
Rue de L‘Essor 7
CH-2738 Court
Tel. +41 32 497 90 08

MPS Precimed SA
Grand-Rue 53
2606 Corgémont
Tel. +41 32 344 92 00

Precision Components

Rolla Microgear AG
Precision Gearing
Lengnaustrasse 13
2540 Grenchen
Tel. +41 32 653 09 03

PDT Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH
Am Brand 2
72622 Nürtingen-Reudern
Tel. +49 7022 244 410

North American Operations Center

14881 Evergreen Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33762
Tel. +1 727 572-0131